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This service would encompass the wide range of goods you handle, your nationwide coverage, and your commitment to reliability and efficiency. It would highlight your ability to cater to various industries and deliver goods anywhere in Pakistan.
This service would focus on the initial stages of the logistics process. It would emphasize your team’s expertise in carefully picking up, loading, and packing goods, preparing them for their journey.
This service would highlight your ability to provide transportation solutions tailored to the specific needs of your customers. Whether it’s moving large quantities of goods with Full Truck Load services, or handling delicate and high-value items, you have the resources and expertise to ensure safe and efficient transportation.
Industries We Cover

Import & Export


From car parts to entire vehicles, we ensure your automotive goods reach their
destination safely.


We transport all types of flooring materials, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition ready for installation.

Food & Beverage

We understand the importance of timely delivery in the food and beverage industry. We ensure your products arrive fresh and ready for consumption.

Luxury & Fashion

From car parts to entire vehicles, we ensure your automotive goods reach their destination safely.


We have the resources to transport heavy machinery safely and efficiently.


We ensure your medical supplies reach their destination on time, every time.

Raw Material

We can transport all kinds of
raw materials for various

Special Projects

Have a unique or complex transportation need? We love a challenge and are ready to handle your special projects.


Whether it's a single piece or an entire houseful, we take care of your furniture transportation




Outbound Goods Transport

In the dynamic business environment of today, we understand the critical importance of efficient outbound logistics. From storing the right amount of inventory to ensuring its safe and timely delivery, D2D Cargo Services is your trusted partner in fulfilling all your outbound transportation needs. Our cost-effective solutions, coupled with the use of advanced technology, allow us to offer unmatched service quality and convenience.

  • Efficiency: Minimize surplus inventory and avoid having vehicles on standby. Meet demand effectively by ordering exactly when needed.
  • Cost Cutting: By outsourcing your logistics to us, save substantially on vehicle and labor costs. Free up resources to focus on expanding your business.
  • Reliability: We treat your goods as our own and ensure their safety during transit. Trust in our promise to handle your inbound logistics with utmost care.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy the convenience of easy order creation and flexible rate-setting through our digital platform. Choose a transporter bid that suits you best, assured of their top-quality service.
  • Use of Technology: Experience the convenience of our fully paperless system. From record-keeping to order updates, manage your logistics with just a few taps on your smartphone.



Full Truck Load (FTL)

Need to move large quantities of high-value or heavy items? Our Full Truck Load (FTL) service is perfect for you. With FTL, your delivery gets the entire space of a truck, allowing for safer and quicker transit.

  • Dedicated Service: Creating an order is easy and flexible, putting the decision-making power in your hands.
  • At Your Door Step: Enjoy the convenience of GPS-enabled tracking and live status updates – all on your smartphone.
  • Non-Stop Shipment: With just one pickup and drop-off point, an FTL shipment moves directly from source to destination.
  • Vast Accommodation: Our FTL service offers an exclusive space for your business’s large shipments.
  • Reduced Risk: FTL shipments receive special attention and employ specialized machinery, reducing transit risk.



Moving & Shifting

Whether you’re moving office, shifting home, or need to transfer furniture, we are equipped to handle all your moving needs. Our team of professional packers and movers ensure a hassle-free experience, treating your possessions with utmost care and respect.

Our Specialized Moving Services

  • Office Moving: From delicate equipment to bulky furniture, trust us to make your move to a new office seamless and efficient.
  • House Moving: Changing residence? Let us handle the heavy lifting. We ensure convenient and safe transfer of all your belongings.
  • Furniture Transfer: Regardless of weight, quantity, or material, our expert team can efficiently move your furniture to its new location.

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